Children Affected HIV/AIDS: Compassionate Care by Phyllis Kilbourn

ISBN: 9781887983280

Published: July 2nd 2013


224 pages


Children Affected  by  HIV/AIDS: Compassionate Care by Phyllis Kilbourn

Children Affected by HIV/AIDS: Compassionate Care by Phyllis Kilbourn
July 2nd 2013 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 224 pages | ISBN: 9781887983280 | 3.24 Mb

The plight of children affected by HIV/AIDS is one of the greatest challenges facing the church and missions today. For every child infected with HIV, many more are deeply affected by the loss of parents, siblings, crucial caregivers and all of the other stabilizing factors that may spell the difference between a healthy childhood and a disaster. Kilbourn takes a compassionate look at the lives of children who have been touched by HIV/AIDS and the psychosocial ramifications for their caregivers.Contents:Part I: Introduction1.

A global window on the HIV/AIDS crisis (Phyllis Kilbourn). Statistics and background information.2. Clothed with compassion (Phyllis Kilbourn). Biblical study of the nature of compassion.Part II: The ministry of compassionate response3. “Your daughter has AIDS” (Janice Sakuma) The impact on a family as demonstrated by the experience of a hemophiliac child.4. The church as supportive community (Paul Hudson). Case study of work done in Zambia with lessons learned.Part III: Practical interventions5.

Longing for relationship (Ann Noonan). Psychological study of how the loss of family relationships impacts child development.6. The healing role of touch and play (Daniel Sweeny). Developmental complications of loneliness. Play as a valid means of non-verbal communication.7. Binding up the broken hearted child (Snowden Albright Howe). Grief stages, tools for recovery and complications of unexpressed grief.8. Spiritual nurture for children affected by HIV/AIDS (Nancy Huff). Importance of being there and listening without empty platitudes.Part IV: Strategies for compassionate action9.

Orphans: our children, our responsibility (Susie Howe). Community-based orphan care in the light of the impact on society of children robbed of childhood.10. Special concerns in HIV/AIDS interventions (Phyllis Kilbourn). Poverty as both cause and effect of HIV/AIDS. Inclusion of all vulnerable children with HIV s a criterion, specific options for orphan and family care.11. Facilitating fun and learning: Community education (Glen Slabber). Educational challenges and techniques for sustainable solutions.Part V: Sustenance for caregivers12.

Training for compassionate caregiving (Mary Reeves). Attitudes that need to be addressed if caregivers are to be adequately prepared.13. Keeping caregivers’ compassion alive (Phyllis Kilbourn). Causes of stress in caregivers and methods of avoiding burnout.Part VI: First-person perspective14. Stefanie’s courageous journey: a tribute to compassionate caregivers (Phyllis Kilbourn). Includes poems of a child with HIV/AIDS.

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