Pie Eye: The Interrogation of Laura Pettigrew MR R K O Timoshenko

ISBN: 9781496066244

Published: April 9th 2014


364 pages


Pie Eye: The Interrogation of Laura Pettigrew  by  MR R K O Timoshenko

Pie Eye: The Interrogation of Laura Pettigrew by MR R K O Timoshenko
April 9th 2014 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 364 pages | ISBN: 9781496066244 | 10.21 Mb

A butcher processes animals into edible meat. We process prisoners into usable information! If a concerted insurrection was to occur, just what would it really be like? What kinds of things would happen . . . what dangers would people face? If the youth of America were to rebel, what horrors await us?

And so began the interrogation of federal Judge Laura Pettigrew presiding over the trial Peter Cunningham whos writings brought together the young obsolete people and sparked an insurrection in modern American. The problem of a growing segment of society, of young people as typified by the Occupy Wall Streeters, who have been displaced and made obsolete by technology.

Worst, many of them have amassed large debts for education and now find they have no hopes for the future, simply because theyve prepared themselves for the past instead of the twenty-first century. And the true profile of a revolutionist is young, under thirty, and having a sense of nothing to lose, and so insurrection has erupted in America.

Unlike previous revolutions, the students realize the consequence of actually overthrowing a government, that history tells them civil war will follow and most likely the nation will slide into a very authoritarian, if not a totalitarian government. Instead of destroying the present government and hoping they can substitute another democratic republic able to function effectively, they elect to force reforms to the present government with the adoption of four constitutional amendments (See Appendix A).

Speaker Tip ONeal had warned decades ago on the steps of the Capital, of the sound biters, the new emerging generation of politicians whore skilled at little more than using the media to create and maintain images. Using the exact same mass media and mass marketing technologies used to sell tampons, hemorrhoid medications, laxatives and toilet paper, these sound biters are selected to govern America, and they in turn can only pretend . . . can only address the problems of America by spinning them, by trying to create images that there isnt any real problems, that everything is alright.

And the students intend to rid the government of these sound biters through the four amendments to create a functioning government which will address their problems. For years Americas political elite has used the phrase To fundamentally change America, unable to grasp that with the continual advancements of technologies, that fundamental change has already come . . . and it doesnt include the bulk of Americans.

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